Meetup: Creative Problem-Solvers

*Now Meeting every 1st/3rd Tuesday 7-8:30 am at The Circuit: September 4th and 18th.
September Focus: Branding, Brand Identity, and Brand Messaging.
June we focused on the CORE Brand Model to help our entrepreneurs reset their entire brand model with things like Value Proposition, Target Audience, Vision, Values, Competitive Advantage and more. July we focused on social media helping each other understand which platform was best based on who your target client is. August we focused on building a marketing strategy.
For September, we are focused on branding and brand identity. Wherever you are in the stage of your business, startup or growth, you could use the knowledge and community to help you refresh your brand, clarify your brand messaging and story, and fine-tune your brand identity.
We started this group back in June 2017 to launch a truly diverse, unique community of entrepreneurs and innovators. We knew we didn’t want networking as usual or a referral group. We wanted to go deeper, build community, solve real problems with real solutions, and help each other be better leaders as a result. Since then we have developed friendships and trusted partners, learned principles of identifying and solving business problems, and built a strong sense of community. Our Creative Problem-Solvers Meetup, co-led by Jonathan Chambers, Gerald Griffith, and Michael Caldwell, recently did a reset after launching June 2017, refreshing our vision & renewing our strategy to be more focused & strategic. Each month, we will feature a different business topic like mission statements, marketing strategy, talent development, sales, and more and work through the ins and outs. We will continue to meet bi-weekly on Tuesdays with Week 1 being an actionable conversational workshop & Week 2 being collaborative action and accountability. More targeted, actionable conversation with more productive execution but the same organic community.




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