Learning Community

*Thursday, June 11th 3:30-4:45 pm @ Reformation Brewery, Woodstock

**PLEASE NOTE: This event will NOT be a Virtual Zoom but a safe gathering at Reformation Brewery, Woodstock outside under the Elm Tree.**

Brand New Book for June: “Rehumanizing Your Business”, by Ethan Beute, Stephen Pacinelli.

Amazon Description of the Book:
Every day, most working professionals entrust their most important messages to a form of communication that doesn’t build trust, provide differentiation, or communicate clearly enough. It’s easy to point to the sheer volume of emails, text messages, voicemails, and even social messaging as the problem that reduces our reply rates and diminishes our effectiveness. But the faceless nature of that communication is also to blame.

Rehumanize Your Business explains how to dramatically improve relationships and results with your customers, prospects, employees, and recruits by adding personal videos to emails, text messages, and social messages. It explains the what, why, and how behind this new movement toward simple, authentic videos―and when to replace some of your plain, typed-out communication with webcam and smartphone recordings.


After a great start to The Learning Community in the Fall of 2019 and kick-off to 2020, we are excited to continue our meetings into June and July despite the COVID-19 crisis. It is not ideal to miss out on the benefits of being present in-person. But, we believe that we can still experience the power of community and conversation together via a Zoom call.

If you have never experienced a Book Club+ like our Learning Community, now may be the most ideal time ever to do so.

This Learning Community is divided into two months for each book:

Month 1 introduces a new book for our group to discuss takeaways and top principles.

Month 2 seeks to dig deeper into the book’s practical applications and pushes everyone to put things into action. And, bring your book recommendation for next month.

The Vision and Goal

The vision and goal of the learning club will be the discussion of a business or personal development book over a two month period of time.  The first month read a book and then meet as a group to discuss it.  Practical applications of the content and how we will implement key concepts into our daily lives will be our focus.  The second month is the practical implementation of the key concepts. Members will meet again to discuss what worked and what didn’t with the goal of receiving feedback and perspective that helps take action.  At the end of this meeting, members will then present their book recommendation for the next two-month learning cycle.  The one receiving the most votes will be the focus for the next two months.  The member whose book was selected leads the discussion for the learning period.   New learning club members may join in the beginning month of the learning cycle.

  • Read a new book business or personal development every two months
  • Have a rich and meaningful discussion
  • Development new skills
  • Build a community of learners
  • Create a Cherokee County entrepreneur Brain Trust

Why a learning club?

We look at this as the next step in the evolution of a book club.  We focus on practical application and experimentation of business or personal development books that we read and discuss in an effort to better learn skills, gain resources and apply them to our businesses and lives.

Led by local entrepreneur and supporter of Fresh Start Cherokee and The Circuit, Ben Carter.



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