The Lunch Circuit – Will Goodwin

*Normally every 2nd Wednesday | 11:30-1:00 pm @ The Circuit

TICKETS NOW CLOSED! Join us next time at our November edition on 11/13 at The Circuit.

UP NEXT ON OCTOBER 23, 2019 – Will Goodwin, Founder and Visionary of The Oak House – an innovative community and Canton’s first coworking space. Will is the Lead Pastor of Oak Leaf Church and Founding Director of The Oak House, a coworking venue in Downtown Canton, and Ember Bridge, a creative agency specializing in media and messaging. When not helping his beautiful wife and three teenage boys keep goats and chickens alive on their homestead, Will enjoys writing songs no one will ever hear and figuring out which Chick-Fil-A menu item is his favorite.

The Oak House is a ministry of Oak Leaf Church. We wanted to create a space that brings people to together and helps meet needs within our community. In other words, we didn’t see a purpose in having a building that sat empty most of the time and now our building is as much about our mission as the people who meet here on Sunday. The Oak House provides a unique opportunity to serve and prove God’s love to more people than we would with our doors locked and lights off.

Some people think we are crazy to turn our building into a coworking space. We think it was the only real option. For years, we have opened our facility to all sorts of groups and gatherings and have been giving away the best coffee in town. All we really did was leverage our space between Sundays to make how we were already doing more organized, official, and fiscally responsible. The Oak House allows us to have more conversations and build more relationships than we would ever have without it.

The Lunch Circuit is a monthly exclusive lunch gathering of both aspiring and current entrepreneurs to eat, build community and learn the stories behind successful Cherokee entrepreneurs. An event powered by Fresh Start Cherokee, hosted by the Cherokee Office of Economic Development and located at The Circuit Woodstock.

The Lunch Circuit: food, community, and stories of entrepreneurship.

TICKETS NOW CLOSED! Join us next time at our November edition on 11/13 at The Circuit.



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