Meetup: Women Entrepreneurs

EVERY 3RD FRIDAY 1130 AM – 1 PM: February 15, 2019


• What we’ll do
We will talk about the mission of the Meetup moving forward and discuss the potential change and impact we can make on our businesses and communities. This is a group of action. Before we leave, we will set a goal to be accomplished before the next meeting. If you are ready to move forward, don’t miss this meeting. At some point during the Meetup, we will be discussing the book Profit First by Mike Michalowicz – April is out of town this date. The discussion will be led by Tricia Clements of

• What to bring
Water and something to write with. You don’t need a laptop, but those are welcome.

• Important to know
Code of Conduct: Be nice. Be honest. Give more than you take. Don’t be self-promotional without the express consent of the organizer.



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