The Circuit is home to startups, entrepreneurs, and others looking for a collaborative space to create. Below you will see some of our current members.

Blake Grant  
Chance New
Charles Cloud
Software engineer/project manager for Philips that loves Woodstock. Always on the lookout for new business ideas that intersect technology and community.
Charles Davis
Charles is the CFO and Founder of Easy Vote Solutions.
Chuck Ingram
Chuck is Co-Founder and CEO of CongruentX where he helps visionary intrapreneurs  grow their companies by aligning people and technology around  customer expectations
David Priddy
David is the business development leader for ClimeCo, an advisor, developer and transaction facilitator of environmental commodities in the renewable energy and environmental sustainability markets.
Don Schrimsher
Don is a coach who helps software teams create more enjoyable environments to increase job satisfaction, employee retention, and overall productivity. He’s authoring a series of online courses designed to help teams start making forward progress quickly. He also offers group and individual coaching.  
Ivan Garcia
Financial Advisor with Edward Jones
John Anderson
John Boettcher  
John Seboria
National Director of Operations, AVSII  
Katie Metro
Katie is a Talent Acquisition Specialist for Jabian Consulting, a local IT consulting company in the Atlanta area. Her primary role on the team is to find new talent and discover if they are the right fit for Jabian.    
Malcolm Foss
Malcolm Foss is a local entrepreneur and the President and Principal engineer for Erudite Engineers. Erudite Engineers, Inc. is a professional engineering, consulting, and design firm providing unparalleled service to discerning clients.  We distinguish ourselves by offering knowledgeable and decisive solutions characterized by technical excellence.
Mariett Romtvedt
Revenue Operations Manager 360Learning
Michelle Edwards
Michelle is the owner Magnetize.ME, a digital marketing agency, and has expertise in search engine optimization for local business. She loves collaborating with other visionaries that enjoy pushing boundaries and building community through long term relationships with clients & colleagues.
Pat Batchelor
Pat is the President/Founder of Engineering Search Partners, a civil engineer and focuses on the recruitment of Architectural, Engineering & Construction Market. He is a great asset to our community, loves getting to know people and finding ways to encourage them and add value.
Ron Davis
Ron is CEO of Easy Vote Solutions. His passion is taking ideas and converting them into business reality. His obsession is reducing the time it takes to get work done. There are too many routine business tasks used every day that take too much time and labor to complete. Ron has heard “this is how we […]
Scott Porter  
Stephen Wilson
Co-Owner of Restoration Pro Wash
Victoria Stanton
Hi there, I’m Victoria! On the surface, I’m an accomplished  Entrepreneur with expertise in Commercial Business Credit Risk, Underwriting, and Finance. By day, you can find me creating and publishing content, mentoring small business owners, conducting online advocacy and managing a team of Virtual Assistants. By night, I’m chief operations manager to three amazing children. I have mentored […]
Zac Horton

Alumni Community

Alejandra Pelaez
David Bowman
David Bowman is Co-Founder and Creative Director at Commotion Engine. Commotion Engine helps brands, marketers, and business owners communicate and promote ideas, products, and services to target audiences through compelling videos, animation, and content.
David Leggett
David Leggett is Managing Partner and Lead Design at Blackairplane. Blackairplane partners with inspiring companies to craft world-class websites and apps. As product experts, they quickly deliver products that empower businesses. Blackairplane helps organizations build the right product.
Jason Davis
Jason is the Founder of Ridgeview Digital and a remote, full stack engineer specializing in JavaScript, AngularJS, Java 8, My SQL and more. He has a wife and five kids, is fascinated by blockchain technology and interested in learning more about startups.
Jim Nichols
Co-Owner at Half Machine; a strategic storytelling film production company. | People have sadly become pixels and algorithms. As an experienced marketer, Jim focuses on “story + film” to help brands redeem trust and move people to meaningful action. The other half? “The human element”, which is what’s missing from most business strategies.
Justin Meredith
Founder of Canister Studio – designer, photographer and father to three kids including Andy Meredith of
Michael Caldwell
Michael Caldwell is Managing Partner at Blackairplane. Blackairplane partners with inspiring companies to craft world-class websites and apps. As product experts, they quickly deliver products that empower businesses. Blackairplane helps organizations build the right product.
Sean O’Brien
Sean O’Brien is the CEO/Founder of Affordable College. Affordable College is the Marketplace Solution for Community College Success. Helping more community college students afford and attain a high-quality degree, certificate or credential.
Shalakay Gibbs
Shalakay is a CLOUD SOFTWARE PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION SPECIALIST with years of experience conceptualizing and spearheading projects, related to NetSuite as well as other SaaS and Cloud Software systems.
Susan Vanhemert
Susan Vanhemert is the Principal Owner of Harmony Group Atlanta. Harmony Group Marketing, LLC is a digital marketing firm, let by Susan Vanhemert with cutting edge IT services, led by Kris VanHemert serving small and medium companies and organizations throughout the southeast. Offering strategic consultancy that can plan, manage and implement strategic marketing plans.