Young Professional IN WDSTK AM

Join our Young Professionals every Thursday morning for some coffee and networking featuring an informal chat with a local leader.

Not sure if YPOW is for you?

  • Need a career change to keep you local?
  • Want to let more people in the community to know more about you and your business?
  • Want to get more involved with local events?
  • Do you Work, Play and/or Live in Woodstock?

If you answered YES to any of these, then should attend YPOW AM and see how this group can benefit you!!


IN WDSTK, INC is an investor driven 501(c)6 organization that partners with the Woodstock Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and is funded through private investments.  Our goal is to further economic development policies in the City of Woodstock by leveraging public and private investments in our community.